What Sets Us Apart? Commitment to Quality

Flag Force One strives to bring you only the best in quality and care. We even offer a FREE flag disposal service for any/all of your old US flags that you are replacing.

What makes us different?

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Let's start with our construction. Lock Stitching on the Fly end adds up to 30% more life to a flag.

Our small flags (up to 8' x 12') have four (4) rows of Lock Stitching on the Fly ends. Our medium flags (8' x 12' to 12' x 18') have six (6) rows of lock Stitching on the Fly ends. Our big flags (over 12' x 18') have eight (8) rows of lock stitching PLUS zigzag lock stitching on the Fly ends AS WELL AS two (2) rows of reinforced stitching on the corners. If you're in more windy environments, we can, for a small additional charge, add even more lock stitching.

All flags under 8' x 12' have Brass Locking Grommets that have teeth that sink into the flag material so they won't come loose and never spin. Flags over 8' x 12' utilize very strong rope and thimble for attaching.

We offer Brushed Cotton Stars standard on our flags 10' x 15' or smaller. Shiny Polished Stars are available on these smaller flags for an additional customization fee. Flags over 10' x 15' get Appliqued Stars.

We can custom pole sleeve, label and package your flag(s). Call or contact us for the finest customer care in the market.

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